Like almost all good stories, ours started over a barbecue and beer.

Founding members Jordan Zacharias, Peter Stratton and Tyler File have been firearms and outdoor enthusiasts for as long as each can remember. Some of us have grown up around guns, others have been camping all our lives, but all 3 of us enjoy the great outdoors, spending quality time without electronics and have a passion for sending vast quantities of lead projectiles downrange. It seemed that each of us had made a priority of knowing about the latest gadgets, firearm platforms, camping hacks, and understanding the importance of quality in each and every piece of equipment.

During our previous President's term there was a huge rush from people to purchase their first firearm, expand their collection or stock up on gear. As the resident "experts" in of our groups of friends, it seemed that each of us was constantly asked questions like "What is the first gun I should buy?", "What round do you recommend for self defense?", "Have you tried this backpack/knife/hatchet/sleeping bag/etc.?". Well, over a couple (...ok, a lot...) of beer, the three of us decided that an Online Blog to help educate other enthusiasts was in order.

In 2011 we started "The Bullet Points," an online video review company that would test and evaluate a variety of guns and gear. The goal was to save others the time and expense of doing the research themselves and to educate the outdoors community. To our surprise, it really took off. Sure, we're no Hickok45 or Iraqveteran8888, but we constantly received comments and messages from viewers thanking us for our insight. Countless subscribers have reached out thanking us for saving them from a bad purchase, or were glad to help justify their latest purchase. Several even went so far as asking where they could get the best deal on an item we reviewed. These messages helped us realize that there was an opportunity to help the community in another way.

Gear You Need was started because we saw a need for education on products and quality gear at reasonable prices. Everyone has been to the big box stores and listened to the guy behind the counter, or purchased something online because it seemed cool, only to find out that said recommendation or item was a real turd. We've all been there, and we all hate wasting money.

Gear You Need stocks a very wide selection of accessories at the best prices we can offer. We're certainly not one of the huge online retailers that could care less about a single new customer, but because of our history in working with companies on reviews, we can leverage our relationships and offer some of the best brands at great prices. We're big enough to offer great pricing on a ton of gear, but we're small enough to care about each and every client. We've spent countless hours giving back to the outdoor community, working with veterans organizations and educating people on the things that we're passionate about. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our site, and we appreciate the opportunity to win your business.

Thank you,

Jordan, Peter and Tyler

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to Contact Us.